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26 April 2009 @ 01:38 am
I haven't posted in foreeeeever. Ah well. So yeah, I'm sitting in my sister's dorm room right now, and it's as hot as the inside of a freakin' volcano right now. I'm staying over here because I'm taking a month-long animation class at her college over the summer and I'm trying to get used to the environment. If it's this hot during July and there's still no AC, I might just die. But it's sort of nice, because I'm weird like that. It's 10x better than ball-freezing temperatures.

Oh yeah, and I wrote a sonnet for school:

Moonlight blanketed the cobblestone streets
A raven’s shrill cry pierced the cold night air
Townspeople slumbered underneath their sheets
The town’s odd spot could give someone a scare
Precariously perched on the cliff’s peak
The city was built with a view in mind
Fog coating the canyon over a creak
Beauty and danger lastingly entwined
The tops of churches jutting in the clouds
Alleyways forming paths between towers
In the morning people form into crowds
Citizens disappear after hours
But no one knew that under the town’s weight
The cliff could collapse and they’d meet their fate

It's okay, I suppose. But I'm my toughest critic, so whatever.

And I'm currently working on a fanvid because I'm a nerd. I need to practice iMovie anyway. It's so complicated for me. Probably because I'm used to the old version.
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17 March 2009 @ 02:04 pm
Hey Kids,

I was wondering if anyone on my friends list would know where to find the adult swim show Morel Oral online. I really want to watch it, especially after watching one of the darkest episodes I have ever seen of anything ever, but because the show's cancelled it's harder. I'd buy it on iTunes, but I kind of want to keep my giftcard money for music, and buying the entire show would cost a lot.

Also, postal152, I know you like The Mountain Goats, so lemme tell you that one of the episodes uses the song "No Children" BRILLIANTLY. So yeah.

This is the episode I was talking about, by the way:


Even if you don't know what the hell is going on, it's still pretty damn disturbing and awesome. So there's that.
14 March 2009 @ 03:19 pm

SERIOUSLY? FUCKING SERIOUSLY? This movie does not deserve this. It could not have been worse than The Hottie And The Nottie, Bratz Movie, College, etc.

JESUS CHRIST, PEOPLE. I ACTUALLY LIKED IT. Maybe it's because I like this sort of immature humor, but GODDAMNIT. I'm way more upset about this than I should be. Because of this, I doubt that we're gonna get that Whitest Kids movie. FUCK.

I'm gonna go stuff my face with a crepe now. ;___________;
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13 March 2009 @ 10:01 pm
So I finally watched Miss March, the movie I've been waiting for since December or so. How was it?

PRETTY GODDAMN FUNNY. It was pretty silly & disgusting, which was expected. I would recommend it for anyone who can stand lowbrow humor. And anyone who can stomach seeing a venereal disease. Gross.

It was taking lowbrow to a new level, and I enjoyed that very much. The blowjob scene did not disappoint that all. xD And somehow, Trevor still managed to not curse during the entire thing. Zach's a good straight man, like in the show! Also, he was naked at one point. We need more of that. Zach crying was strangely upsetting and adorable, and I don't know why. And finally, I'm ashamed to admit this, but because it was the first time I ever saw Trevor kiss someone, I practically melted in my chair. <3 YAY.

So go see it and ignore the critics who said that it gave them AIDS.
07 March 2009 @ 07:37 pm
Oh jeez you guys, I just saw Watchmen. Holy shit. It was fantastic. Maybe that's just because I was a big fan of the comic or whatever, but still.

I don't know if it's sad to admit that it's the first movie where I cried at the end. Yup. Damnit, it impacted me emotionally THAT much. Also, the ending change totally worked. Just saying. The cast was very well chosen, I have to say. I know people were complaining about Malin Ackermann's performance, but she wasn't that bad, to be honest. I don't want to say too much about the plot, in case of getting people angry over spoilers. The movie was REALLY visually stunning, but this was the guy who did '300' so I was expecting just as much. Surprisingly I wasn't distracted or giggling over the fact that Dr. Manhattan's dong was hanging out for the whole time, but there you go.

Is it weird to say that I thought that Dan was hot/cute in this movie? Because I did. Haha. <3 Also, as errata_sonata knows, I thought that Jeffrey Dean Morgan was hot too. More so in person. /shallowness

In other news, I'm thinking about writing my first fanfic. I just got this pretty good idea for something, and I think it might work. Plus people think I'm a really good writer, so I have some experience. Only problem is that the thing I'm thinking about writing is sliiiiiightly embarrassing. It's a SRS BUSINESS story for something not so SRS BUSINESS. Should I do it?
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02 March 2009 @ 07:43 pm
Finally! I haven't had a snow day since 3rd grade! This is amazing! I watched Slumdog Millionaire (again) with my friends and then we went sledding. The sledding was alright, but there were too many little kids, and the hill wasn't that steep. Also, I ran into a little girl on the way down and she fell on top of me (it felt like she was crushing my face). She was alright about it, but then as soon as she gets up, two other guys run into us. Haha. But then my friends and I took a bunch of stupid pictures of each other, so that was fun.

Plus, this means that I only have one and a half days of school this week, because of parent/teacher conferences, and I'm visiting my sister in Philadelphia! Yay!

Also, I finally finished Watchmen (I took a bunch of breaks in between reading chapters). Oh. My. God. My mind was BLOWN. IT'S THAT FANTASTIC. Go read it now, if you haven't already. Also, if you have read it already, I'd like to ask you a question about the end, cos' there's one thing I don't understand.

Let's see, let's see. What else is good? Oh yeah! On Sunday, Comedy Central is showing a stand up special of Russell Brand! I didn't even know he performed in New York! I could've gone. :( Actually, my mom hates him because of the MTV Music Video Awards, so I guess not. But yeah, I'm totally watching that.

AND AND AND Trevor and Zach from Miss March are presenting 3 movies and talking about the movie in between them! And it's also on Sunday! :D

I've been really happy this past week for some unknown reason, so this just makes everything a lot better!
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01 March 2009 @ 01:39 am
If you would like to play, leave a comment, and I will tag you. I'll list five words I associate with you, and you will expound on them.

postal152 gave me (in her own words):
1. Whitest Kids U Knowwww
2. Picnicface (especially Good Touch, Bad Touch)
3. That icon that says "Victory"
4. Cheese
5. The other icon with the purple things and glowing eyes (it intrigues me every time even though I've never asked about it until right just now)

Whitest Kids U' Know: ALRIGHT. HERE WE GO. So I first saw the WKUK when my friend Lyle showed me a couple of their videos online at a graduation party I had last year in June. I thought that they were sort of funny, but since it was 1 in the morning I didn't think of it much. Fast forward a couple of months into September. I'm sitting in front of my computer as usual when I remember one of those from June (it was "Pimp Pun Disaster", by the way"). So I look it up, watch it, and laugh my ass off. Then I keep watching and searching for most of their sketches, and I start thinking "HOLY SHIT THIS IS AMAZING." That's how it eventually became quite possibly my favorite show, how I ended up watching TWO live shows of theirs, how I ended up getting a lot of my friends into them, how I became a fangirl for them, and how I ended up meeting them a couple of days ago. So yeah, if you haven't watched them so far, do it. Right now. I love them so much, if you guys haven't noticed by now. :D

Picnicface: I actually found them through a Picnicface secret that someone posted to f!s (which ended up being one of my friends, *winkwink*) about shipping Mark and Andy because of "Good Touch, Bad Touch". I watched it, thought it was hilarious, and I watched every other video too. Through them and WKUK I became a fan of sketch comedy. Picnicface is totally underrated and hilarious and everyone should watch them too. THEY'RE CANADIAN.

Jesus, how do hilarious groups like WKUK and Picnicface do $15 shows in bars while comedians like Dane Cook & Carlos Mencia get sold out stadiums selling tickets for $100? It's the sad way of the world, I suppose. :(

That icon that says "Victory": *siiiiiigh* It's from a WKUK sketch. AGAIN. It's from when Trevor had short hair (*gasp*), so it's pretty old.

Cheese: It's fucking delicious. Goat cheese fritters are the tastiest things you could ever put in a salad ever. My sister used to be a huge cheese fanatic until she stopped and started being a health nut. Sucks for her.

The other icon with the purple things and glowing eyes: It's from Superjail, a great [adultswim] show that more people should know about. Those purple robots are one of the main character's (The Warden) giant army that takes over the world when he tries to make Superjail a franchise. Go watch it. It's like a really fantastic acid trip without the side affects.
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*Takes a deep breath* Okay, here we go. TIME FOR A WALL OF TEXT.

I saw the WKUK again last night. It was just as hilarious and great as the first show I saw. The difference was that I met Trevor, Timmy, Darren, and Sam. All in the same night. Here's the story.

So after the show I was waiting to meet the guys. They finally came out, and I saw Trevor first, so I went over to him. I suppose was pretty nervous, because I was biting my nails quite a bit. I finally walked up to him and said "Hi Trevor!" and he said hi back. Then my mom yelled out "TAKE OUT THE DRAWING YOU DID!"

You see, I brought that drawing I did of "Auto Erotic" to the show so they could sign it, but I was currently having second thoughts. However, my mother currently made this situation unavoidable.

So Trevor says "You did a drawing? During the show? Were you bored?" totally jokingly, but I still said "Nonononono! I did it a while ago!" and gave the picture to him. He said that it was great, so I was really relieved and I said thank you. Then he said that he had seen it online before (I put it up on facebook and tagged the wkuk in it)! So I asked him to sign it, and he says "Well, you should sign it too! Should I just sign it right here?"
I was standing right next to him while he was signing it, when he asks me if I want to be an artist or a cartoonist totally seriously, and he actually looked geniuinely interested in what I had to say. So I say yes, and so he starts talking about how that that's cool because there aren't really a lot of good comic strips out there nowadays, and how he once had a comic strip! (By now I'm surprised that I haven't started turning into a fangirly mess)

Then he says "The likenesses are good. You're very talented!". ...holy shit. I was surprised that I didn't faint or melt into a puddle right there. Especially since I was about 8 inches away from him. xD;;; <333

As I was saying thank you, Timmy pops up out of nowhere, looks at the drawing, and says (AND I DO BELIEVE THAT THIS IS VERBATIM): "Holy shit! That's fucking awesome!" I say "Thanks!", he says "Did you draw that?!" and I confirm it. So obviously Timmy really likes it. Holy shit.

Okay, so when Trevor's done signing it, I take a picture with him, I say thanks and goodbye, and I'm still freaking out internally. He was actually really sweet and I still can't get over that. :D Then, I walk over to Timmy, and I ask him if he'll sign my drawing. He says something along the lines of "Yeah! Of course!". Then he also says that he recognizes it from Myspace or Facebook! He signs it, he agrees to take a picture with me (which comes out hilariously bad, by the way), he asks me what my name is, and he tells me to send the drawing to him on Facebook because he might make it his profile picture. Again, holy shit.

Then I see Darren, I walk up to him to say hi, and I ask him "Even though you're not in the sketch that I drew, will you sign this drawing?" He says yes, and then he says that he ALSO recognizes it from online, and that it's really good or something along those lines. Then he explains to me that when they do that sketch live, he usually plays dead Trevor because they can't have two Trevors on stage at one time. So he signs the drawing "Used to be Darren", I take a picture with him, and then he has a conversation with my mom and I about Brooklyn and the venues that they perform at. So he's really nice too! Holy shit!

And then I spot Sam afterwards, so obviously I walk up to him, I say hi, and I take out my drawing and ask him to sign it. He says that it's really good or great, and HE ALSO RECOGNIZES IT FROM ONLINE. LOL WHAT?! So he turns around for a while, and I can't see what he's writing on it. It says "Sam Brown as seen on Myspace". It was on Facebook, but that's still awesome. :D So when I ask him to take a picture with me, he says "BACK TO BACK! Back to back!", so we stand back to back and we both put up our fists. Right before my mom takes the picture, he says "This is how I took my prom picture." XD;;;

Unfortunately I couldn't meet Zach because I didn't know where he was. I think he was taking a phone call or something. :(

Also, I have the pictures I took with them!

So, in conclusion... the Whitest Kids U' Know are all really, really nice, awesome, and down-to-earth guys! Holy shit. I'm still fangirling about this!!! But that night just made my year so far. Seriously. :3 <333

Also, I'm on high honor roll. Life is awesome right now.
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So I'm reading Charlie Chaplin's biography for a school project that I have to do, and I'm only finding out now that his childhood was really fucking depressing. His mom went insane, and she had syphilus. His dad was an alcoholic and he drunk himself to death. They sent him to an orphan school while both of his parents were still alive. What the hell? D: And I have to portray this guy!

Also, I'm probably seeing Coraline tomorrow. I'm going with my friend because she wanted someone to go with her, because this guy invited her to go to the movies and she's afraid of getting felt up by him. xD She invited another friend too, so it's cool. CORALINE LOOKS AMAZING AND PRETTY AND OMGASDLKFHJ. <333 I'm such an animation geek.

Also, I'm celebrating a day that my computer teacher made up tomorrow called Tie Day Friday. It's the opposite of casual friday, wherein you wear a tie each Friday. This is just my excuse to show off the collection of ties that I have. Heheh.
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16 February 2009 @ 05:40 pm
Yeah, I know I posted earlier today, shut up. Last night at 1 am, I decided to write down all of my thoughts at that moment for a school project. Yup. It came out really weird, to say the least. It sounds like the ramblings of a crazy person, but I'll post what I wrote anyway. Have fun, kiddies.

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